ADN Refrigeration can take care of your supermarket and refrigerated storage construction needs.

From the ground up we offer industry-leading assistance in designing any walk-in coolers, freezers and display case walk-ins. Let us answer any and all questions regarding industry-specific refrigeration types and the variety of applications that best suit your walk-in refrigeration requirements. Count on ADN Refrigeration to provide you with expert designs, precision build outs and 24/7 technical support. Our construction department is known for quality installations of new commercial-grade walk-in coolers and freezers. We also offer commercial tenant tear-outs, equipment upgrades / improvements plus complete project management, in-house crews and subcontractor coordination.

Services provided:

  • Supermarket Merchandiser Sales /Installation
  • Refrigeration System Installation
  • Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Sales and Installation
  • 24/7 Servicing
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Construction / Remodels
  • Refrigerated Case Repairs
  • New/Used Parts and Equipment Sales
  • Food Service Equipment

Seasonal Maintenance

Do not let your systems go without proper seasonal maintenance. We are dedicated to providing high-quality commercial facility maintenance in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our quality is guaranteed. Our maintenance crew will do the job right first time, every time. We specialize in performing construction and repair services to the commercial, restaurant, grocery store, food handling and distribution warehouse industries.

Walk-In & Self Contained Unit
Evaporator Cleaning :

  • Clean all evaporator coils, vents and fans.
  • Check and clear all floor drains.

Air-Cooled Condenser Cleaning :

  • Thoroughly clean all rooftop condensing units.
  • Check and clear all roof drains.

Seasonal Maintenance :

  • Provide detailed binder(s) including service manuals and instruction to Store personnel that outlines the regular cleaning and upkeep of equipment and accessories.
  • Complete routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer and check the overall operating condition of the equipment. Provide a comprehensive list of additional repairs needed to Store personnel.

Every company desires to have the best ROI on all equipment. Yet many skimp on maintenance and face inevitable downtime, cutting profits and customer service. Consider these reasons to keep up on the seasonal maintenance schedule in your facility :

  1. Minimizes or eliminates costly downtime – increases profitable uptime.
  2.  Minimizes or eliminates catastrophic machinery failures.
  3. Reduces unscheduled maintenance – repairs can be made when they least affect production.
  4. Reduces spare parts inventories – many parts can be purchased just before scheduled shut-downs.
  5. Optimizes machinery performance so it always operates within specifications.
  6. Reduces excessive electric power consumption caused by inefficient machinery performance – saves money on energy requirements.
  7. Reduces need for standby equipment or additional floor space to cover excessive downtime – less capital required for equipment or plant.
  8. Increases plant capacity.
  9. Reduces depreciation of capital investment caused by poor machinery maintenance – well maintained machinery lasts longer / performs better.
  10. Reduces unnecessary repairs – repairs are done only if performance is less than optimal.
  11. Minimizes or eliminates the possibility that machinery repairs were the wrong repairs.
  12. Reduces the number of dissatisfied / lost customers due to poor quality – due to less than optimal machine performance.
  13. Reduces rework of goods caused by less than optimal machine operation.
  14. Reduces scrap caused by poorly performing machinery.
  15. Reduces overtime needed to make up for lost production due to broken down or poorly performing machinery.
  16. Reduces late deliveries caused by broken down or poorly performing machinery.
  17. Reduces warranty claims due to poor product quality caused by poorly performing machinery.
  18. Reduces the possibility of accepting recently purchased new / used machinery with defects – the invoice is not paid until defects corrected.
  19. Increases machinery safety – injuries are often caused by poorly performing machinery
  20. Reduces safety penalties levied against a company for unsafe machinery.
  21. Can reduce insurance rates because well maintained machinery increases safety.
  22. Reduces the time required to make machinery repairs – advance notice of conditions permits efficient organization of the repair process.
  23. Increases the speed that machinery can be operated, if desirable.
  24. Increases ease of operation of machinery.