Remanufactured Products


You want equipment that looks and works like new without the big ticket pricing?  ADN Refrigeration provides completely Re-manufactured items, brand new looking, that will ease your budget.

With over 35 years of experience in refrigeration systems, its in-house professional spray paint booth and large replacement parts inventory.

What is Re-manufactured Equipment?

  • All new solid or contoured ends accented by refinished bumper, trim, interior shelving and lighting are all standard features.
  • Any current standard interior, exterior and bumper paint colors of your choice.
  • Equipment is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and tested. This includes air ducts and honeycomb. Honeycomb is replaced if not presentable.
  • Bottoms are tested for moisture and re-foamed if necessary.
  • Bottoms have rust inhibitors applied and sealed.
  • Top rails and front rails are replaced if unattractive.
  • Coils are pressure tested and new txv’s installed. 250 microns high vacuum pulled to remove moisture and then re-pressurized with nitrogen.
  • New fan motors are installed if they fail ground fault test.
  • New bulbs are installed and ballast must pass shop ground fault check.
  • All electrical wiring is inspected and must pass ground fault test. All electrical are tested against manufactures original specifications.
  • Extensive body work is done on all painted panels and then food grade paint is applied to customers desired colors.
  • All racks are powder coated for longevity