When cash flow is a concern, financing might be the perfect alternative. The flexibility of monthly, tax deductible, lease payments and the sales taxes repartition over the entire term are considerable financial advantages that allow you to benefit from the efficiency of new equipment while making your way, if desired, to full ownership.

Through various lenders, ADN Refrigeration can offer a wide range of financing solutions, flexible terms and competitive rates.

Benefits of Financing

  • Quick approval process
  • Simple documentation
  • 100% financing
  • Conserves cash and bank credit lines
  • Finance the equipment you need today, without having to wait for the total cash amount to be budgeted
  • Allows you to upgrade as your needs change
  • As a lease is considered a direct expense to your business, there may be advantageous tax benefits
  • Budgeting is made easy with fixed payments throughout the lease term
  • Help plan equipment acquisitions
  • Month, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual payments are available if your business is seasonal; sixmonth on and six months off are an option.
  • Low monthly payments allow you to add options to your equipment for little difference in payment.


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